For the past 30 years Filey has regularly suffered from flooding with the most significant recent flooding events occurring in 2002 and 2007. The flooding is caused by water running off the surrounding agricultural land during periods of heavy and sustained rainfall. Historically this runoff would have discharged directly to the sea via Church Ravine and Martins Ravine; however, as Filey developed and grew these watercourses have been progressively culverted. Extreme rainfall events overwhelm watercourses and drainage systems and there is a definite need to improve surface water runoff management in and around Filey.

Aerial image of flood water discharged onto beach.

As a result, Scarborough Borough Council is developing a Flood Alleviation Scheme (FAS) for the town with the objective of significantly reducing flood risk. Flood attenuation measures will reduce the volume of water entering Filey’s drainage system and sewers during any one rainfall event, allowing the system to cope. In summary, the proposed scheme comprises:

  • A swale and bund arrangement to encircle most of Filey;
  • Storage areas at specific locations to store floodwater;
  • Channels and culverts to redirect floodwater into the new temporary storage areas which allow for controlled release following heavy rainfall events.

In addition, the scheme will provide opportunity for various Environmental & Community Enhancements. Scarborough Borough Council is looking towards working in partnership to both create habitat and increase the amenity and recreational value of the immediate surroundings of Filey.

Consultants Royal Haskoning DHV have undertaken surveys and investigations to gather information to aid the design of the scheme. Using the gathered information, there will be greater certainty of the required size of the structures before producing the detailed drawings and specification required to construct the scheme. Once finances have been arranged and the necessary permissions and approvals have been granted, construction will begin in 2017.


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